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The role of computers in our life and work during office renovation is not negligible. And the impact of computers is not only that their radiation may affect people’s health, but also where the computer is placed and oriented. Zhengzhou office decoration from the location and orientation of the computer, talk about the consequences of computer feng shui, you may wish to take a look at their actual situation.
Do not put your computer in the direction of your favorite god.
????Putting the computer in the direction of using God will suppress your nobles; if your numerology is still a fire, then you should be more careful. For example, if you like to use God as the East, your life is not a fire, you also put the computer in the East, so that the wood is so hot that it will have a very negative impact on your fortune.
The computer is best placed on the left side of the computer desk.
????This is an ideal position for people who often rely on computers to work. According to the direction of Feng Shui, it is the dragon that is afraid of smell, the tiger is afraid of moving, the left side is the Kyrgyz side, and it is most appropriate to put the computer.
Computer bed to the computer for the computer
????If the computer monitor is in bed, it will affect people’s spirit and sleep quality. It is recommended to make adjustments.
Keep your computer away from direct sunlight
????If the place where the computer is placed is prone to direct sunlight, it is most likely to provoke right and wrong. It is easy to have a tongue-and-mouth dispute; but if placed in a dark place, it is easy to be depressed and affect the working condition.
Free computer placed in a place where the air is not smooth
????It is best to place the computer in a place where the air is relatively circulated. This will not only reduce the radiation of the computer, but also have too much influence on the owner. If it is placed in a place where the air is not circulating, it will make you react slowly to the outside world. The idea is not clear.
Keep the computer away from the water, fish tanks and other places close to the water.
????In places close to water, it is easy to let the computer get wet, but it is also easy to get rid of water and fire, and induce cardiovascular diseases.
Don’t put too much debris around the computer
????There are too many things around the computer, which is easy to distract, create distractions, and can’t concentrate on work.
The display is best matched to the space
????If the room is too small and a large display is used, it is easy to cause relatives and friends to alienate, colleagues to stay away, and leaders do not pay much attention to it; conversely, if the room is large but uses a small display, it is easy to be ignored or even looked down. Therefore, the choice of the display is not as large as possible, but it is better to match the space.


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