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What to do if the laptop keyboard is damaged

The laptop keyboard is damaged and the keyboard is out of order.”
The worst case scenario is that the laptop’s keyboard is damaged and unusable.
Solution: Replace the new laptop keyboard, but this is more expensive, it is more appropriate to choose an external keyboard.
How to correctly rescue the water into the laptop keyboard method
Immediately cut off the power and forcibly turn off the laptop
Water or juice enters the keyboard gap and can quickly penetrate into the core area below the keyboard. If the laptop is still running, it will not only cause the keyboard keys to malfunction, but also burn the cpu and the motherboard. Therefore, once the keyboard is in the water, please Turn off the power immediately within 30 seconds, forcibly shut down to prevent the possibility of a short circuit.
Tips: Many people first reflect the use of paper towels to wipe the keyboard liquid, in fact, the first step to rescue the water inlet keyboard should be to immediately cut off the power, forced shutdown, the notebook also needs to remove the built-in battery, to ensure that the machine is completely charged, so that the maximum The limit protects the beloved book.
Turn the notebook upside down on the desktop for 5 minutes
The purpose of this is to let the water entering the inside of the notebook flow backwards, no longer continue to penetrate the core of the machine, and then continue to dry the keyboard.
Tips: If the amount of water is not much, this process can be omitted.
?Carefully wipe the keyboard surface with a highly absorbent towel
Don’t panic, calm down your emotions, find a water-absorbent towel or soft cloth and gently wipe the water stain on the water keyboard. You can also prepare a cotton swab and wipe it in a small gap to ensure that no liquid remains on the surface.
Tips: Can not find soft cloth and towel, you can use facial tissue instead, but the tissue paper is easy to break, stuck in the keyboard gap, causing secondary pollution.
Give the laptop a dry, ventilated space
Most of the multiplayer skills are not strong. Some computers are still under warranty and cannot be unscrewed by screws. Therefore, we only need to find a dry and ventilated corner to place the incoming laptop properly. According to the amount of water inflow, keep the drying time for at least 12 hours. The drying time is greatly affected by the season and the weather. Please be careful not to be patient.
Tips: If you have a conditional friend, you can use a hair dryer to warm the laptop in the water in accordance with the keyboard, vents, and bottom of the oven before drying to encourage the internal liquid to evaporate as soon as possible, reducing recovery time.
Severe water intake solution
The notebook can be used normally. If some keyboard keys fail, you can purchase an external usb keyboard instead of the original keyboard. If there is a problem with the whole machine, it is recommended to send it for repair immediately.
Tips: Generally speaking, no one is willing to appear the tragedy of the whole machine scrapping, so please ask friends to encounter the laptop keyboard when entering the water, do not panic, cut off the power at the first time, force shutdown, and remove the laptop battery, the more Doing this early, the smaller the loss, the only way to ensure that the next steps work.


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