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Future trends in mobile storage devices

With the rapid application of the Internet, the popularity of various digital consumer electronic products and the concept of mobile in the fields of business office to personal entertainment and leisure, the storage requirements of personal data, especially the demand for mobile storage It is getting faster and faster. In the mobile storage market, mobile hard drives have become more accessible with respect to optical media storage, simpler access processes and greater capacity compared to flash storage, lower prices, etc. The more popular consumers and business users are, the more market space is growing.
However, in the market environment where the development of technology is changing with each passing day, the products are more diversified, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the trend and development of the market show some trends that can be grasped.
Trend 1: Minimize volume and maximize capacity
Minimizing volume and maximizing capacity can be said to imply the entire mobile storage device
Trends: easy to carry, large space. In 1999, IBM released the first 1-inch micro hard drive with a capacity of 340MB. By 2000, the capacity increased to 1GB. By 2009, the commercial 1-inch micro hard drive can provide more than 4GB of storage space. Only 5 cents in size, it is enough to settle in a variety of small and exquisite consumer electronics products. At the same time, as of 2009, the 2.5-inch notebook hard drive, which has become the standard configuration for mobile hard drives, has a maximum capacity of 80GB, which is almost equivalent to the capacity of mainstream desktop hard drives. Although the 1.8-inch hard drive entered the mobile storage market late, it perfectly reconciled the contradiction between volume and capacity. The 1.8-inch hard drive has a capacity of about 50-75% of a 2.5-inch hard drive, but is thinner, smaller, and lighter than a 2.5-inch hard drive. With the world’s newest and smallest Pepsi mobile hard drive launched by the company, the 1.8-inch, compact design makes it possible to concentrate the entire product to 68mm x 91mm x 15mm while ensuring optimal operation. , equivalent to 1/2 of the traditional 2.5-inch mobile hard disk, is the smallest mobile hard disk on the global market. With the introduction of smaller portable devices that require tens of gigabytes of internal storage space, it will be seen that 1.8-inch mobile hard drives will find more and more applications.
Trend 2: Speed ??up – data access speed
Mobile storage device
The access speed still has a great speed-up space. First of all, the interface standard of mobile hard disk is upgraded from USB1.1 to USB2.0, which is an important milestone in the development of mobile hard disk. The traditional USB 1.1 specification is specifically designed for low-speed device communication, which determines its data transfer rate can only reach up to 12Mbps, but due to the wide application of large files such as video and audio, database and game software, mobile storage Product access speeds are challenged. USB2.0 interface, data transmission rate can reach 480Mbps, greatly improving the data transmission speed. As of 2009, more and more mobile storage products on the market have begun to support the USB2.0 interface. The USB 2.0 interface is also standard on the Baishing mobile hard disk series of the company, which makes the series not only It has the advantages of small volume and large capacity mentioned in the above trend, and also plays a leading position in the entire mobile storage market in terms of data transmission speed.
However, as the industry is widely concerned: Has the USB 2.0 interface standard reached the limit of mobile storage speed? Is there a possibility of faster interface standards in the future?
Nowadays, usb3.0 has been released, which means that mobile hard drives can reach speeds of up to 5G/s. Of course, hard drives are far less expensive.
Trend 3: Practical – Integrating multiple technologies
In 2009, domestic mobile storage vendors began to promote multimedia mobile hard drives. Gradually integrate functions suitable for mass consumers, such as a multimedia mobile hard disk that can play high-definition movies, a high-definition player that can directly download movies even with an Internet cable, or a multimedia mobile hard disk player that can read news, view weather, and stock online. Data storage and audio-visual entertainment are well combined.
A USB chip is disposed in the casing of the wireless hard disk, and a Bluetooth module and an infrared transmission module respectively connected to the USB chip are disposed in the casing, and a Bluetooth and an infrared switching knob are disposed on an upper portion of the casing. The U disk can transmit data with the computer and other devices through infrared transmission or Bluetooth transmission, eliminating the physical plugging process, thus greatly extending the service life of the mobile hard disk; meanwhile, due to the presence of the Bluetooth module, the mobile hard disk can be simultaneously It can be used simultaneously by multiple computers, greatly improving its utilization efficiency.
Trend 4: Secure Storage
Needless to say, users for mobile storage products
The data security concern index is the highest. Data confidentiality, stability, etc. as a product’s sales points are direct and indispensable. This development trend is also an important guarantee for mobile hard drives to have a place in the mobile storage products market. Although compared with flash memory, mobile hard disk is temporarily at a disadvantage in terms of shockproof and security performance, but mobile hard disk manufacturers have never stopped exploring security technologies such as shockproof and anti-drop. Take the cyber electronics as an example. Many of the technologies applied to the Pepsi-Ling 1.8-inch mobile hard disk make this product a unique advantage in secure storage. Its automatic balance roller system protects the hard disk from normal operation in harsh environments or sudden vibrations, maximizing the security of the hard disk and data. In addition, the unique anti-seismic technology of Patriot anti-shock mobile hard disk is sought after by consumers who are concerned about storage security. After analysis, accidents such as accidental drops and collisions are important reasons for threatening data security. Three-dimensional dynamic shock absorption technology. This is the shock absorption technology that the Patriots have their own intellectual property rights. When the mobile hard disk collides, the impact energy transmitted to the hard disk is reduced, thereby protecting the hard disk data. After security testing, the Patriot mobile hard disk can guarantee 1.5 meters of falling and the data is safe and sound, and bought security insurance for the data.
Trend 5: Stylish look
Just like the development of all electronic products, users of mobile hard drives also have fashionable requirements for the appearance of the products, especially when it is a kind of durable consumer goods that can be carried and displayed to others. In addition to the smaller and lighter size of the mobile hard disk, the performance, feel, decoration, color, and appearance of the material are also the conditions that consumers demand. Mini (mini) represents not the simplicity, but the simultaneous improvement of quality, the beauty of both inside and outside. The wave-shaped all-metal shell design products, such as the tyrants of Pepsi, break through the limitations of the volume, but also win in the shape, with a unique personality and not unassuming style, with a variety of colors Design, calm and quiet lake blue, cool and cool gray, soft and elegant purple and dazzling silver, to bring a flawless fashion experience for different users.
The products on the market are becoming more and more abundant. At the same time, the trend of demand and consumption will gradually gain two-way stability. Although the market competition in the future will be more intense, the advancement of product technology and the stability of the market order will enable both mobile storage users and competing vendors to profit at the same time. With the gradual strengthening and emergence of the comprehensive strength of manufacturers such as Yuba Electronics, the leadership of major players will become more prominent, which will ultimately determine the market share of their products. The future of mobile storage will bring users a better experience!


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